London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

It had to happen to someone…

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James H is the first victim to fall foul of rogue London driving, with a lack of indication leading to a buggered front wheel.

1 x buggered wheel 1 x bloody arm 1 x gratuitous bicep shot

     1 x buggered wheel                                        1 x bloody arm                                        1 x gratuitous bicep shot

He’s fine apart from a couple of bruises (as shown in well-angled bicep shot) and so is the driver for those worried. He was an elderly man, so James wasn’t sure it would be fair to rain his swift brand of legal justice upon him.  However, no one can corroborate his claims on this story, so there is every chance it was James merely cycling into the curb.

As a result, James is now facing the prospect of being the only man EVER to cycle the entire way to Italy pulling a wheelie. As if the journey wasn’t going to be epic enough…

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