London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Thrills, spills and automobiles


Saturday 26th October was the scene of another Team Handsome but Rowdy training day, 4 of the 7 were able to attend.

Gabriel and his Boris bike, JP and his lean olive skinned legs, the QT (almost QC) James H, and poster boy Luke set out to get some well needed training before winter really sets in.

Now most people when they think of Richmond park think of a vast amount of space with the odd cyclist riding around enjoying the stags making random but very loud noises and the possibility of seeing a man chasing his dog shouting ‘FENTON….COME HERE’ at the top of his lungs…..well so did we!!! It is definitely not the same as that, about a billion lycra wearing cyclists trying to go as fast as possible within their own 10 man/women pelotons whilst sharing the road with drivers who would, in a perfect world like to drive through in as little time as possible and not crawl at cycling speed behind some really rather impressive bottoms (good and bad).

It wasn’t until the last lap that things really took a turn for the worse. Luke and Gabes had to stop and control an incident between a cyclist and an over zealous driver who seemed to think that he owned the road (yes I know what you’re thinking….. Damn cyclists……but some of us are ok and some are bad, this also includes drivers!) . After the police got involved Luke had to stay and give a statement while Gabes thought he best go ahead and tell James H and JP what was going on. In an effort to do this with as must haste as possible he briefly forgot how to ride a bike. When he came to he was at the wrong end of a hill and unfortunately lost control. Long story short he took all the skin off one arm and his backside, but thankfully nothing worse.  With some fantastic help from the Met police he was soon waiting for Karim (who was ill) to come and pick him up and drop him off at hospital for a clean up.

So what started as just a little jolly around the park turned into a multi accident scene with police and an ambulance…but hey you live and learn!

The day ended with a London to Varese team planning meeting followed by a few well earned drinks in the pub where it all started, the Antelope in Sloane Square.


Luke and JP being really helpful at the crash scene!


Luke still being helpful…while Tim does some more casual training

2 thoughts on “Thrills, spills and automobiles

  1. Hello Luke, hello guys … congratulations for your idea! I was also treated to the wonderful hematology department of Varese, for NHL. I have been healed by the great ability and kindness of doctors and nurses!
    I will not be with you with my legs but with my heart and my thoughts! Have a good trip…

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