London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Speen II (including 220km with a broken arm)

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This weekend saw Handsome but Rowdy’s second trip to Speen, this time there and back over two days. It’s fair to say that we learned a lot, had some highs and some lows and ate an ungodly amount of food.

Particular highlights included Tim stacking it off the side of a road in a picturesque village somewhere in West Berkshire (much to the amusement of passing drivers and the rest of the team) and JP and Gabes taking peloton-rotation into the bathroom with an inspired (and slightly weird) wash-and-rinse rotation strategy for the post-ride shower (there are photos, they won’t be posted).

Man-of-the-ride undoubtedly goes to Luke however, who managed to introduce himself to the tarmac in a big way about 10 miles into the outward leg, breaking his arm in the process, but nevertheless completed the outward leg AND the inward leg, hardcore. As we speak he’s in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital getting it sorted, as if he hasn’t spent enough time in hospital recently…

Here are some choice snaps from the ride:



Arrival in Speen after the outward leg.


Modelling the Handsome but Rowdy team lycra, Victorian style.


Gabes attempting to solve his nipple-rub…


And finally, Luke in hospital, not for the first time.

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