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800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Turn those pedals, burn that turkey!

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So the festive period is over and most of us are now back at work, yet again ruing the Christmas gluttony and watching the January days stretch out ahead of us as an impossible month of diets and discipline!

But for those of us who are partial to the odd turn of the pedals of a weekend, just how much January riding and discipline does it take to burn off all that merry over-indulgence?

Well that’s a very good question, and so we have a done a little bit of research and a few calculations our of team’s struggle to burn off that turkey that will either spur you on to ride that extra mile, or may just send you running back to the mince pies in horror….enjoy!

The average Brit consumers 7,000 calories on Christmas Day.

Let’s assume the average weight of the team riders is 80kg.

Assuming an average ride speed of 24kmh, it will take EACH of the team Handsome but Rowdy boys 11 HOURS or 264KM of constant riding to burn off just that one day – eeek!

And assuming that Christmas Day wasn’t the only over-indulgent day of the holidays, but that we probably all spent at least 4 more days over-eating to the tune of 3,500 calories per day, it will take another 22 HOURS or a further 528KM to burn off.

Wow! We better all get cracking in that case so please spare a thought for the team this January who will be valiantly pedalling, climbing, gliding and descending, in all weathers, all in an attempt to make a difference to Leukaemia this year.

One thought on “Turn those pedals, burn that turkey!

  1. questo vuol dire che non verrai in italia a gennaio?
    anche noi abbiamo passato diverse ore a tavola……
    ma qualc’uno di noi ha gia’ i pedali
    buoni allenamenti

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