London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Our training stats

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We think our training statistics make for interesting reading and we reckon we’ve given it a pretty good effort to train solidly over the winter! With just 5 WEEKS (eek) until we set off, have a read of what we have endured so far….

So far in training the team have collectively:

  • Cycled 7,690 miles – equivalent to London to the North Pole 3 times
  • Climbed 242,967 ft – equivalent to 8 times up Everest
  • Burned 312,642 calories – equivalent to 638 Big Macs
  • Crashed 7 times
  • Broken 1 arm
  • Cycled 140 miles WITH a broken arm
  • Called 1 ambulance
  • Been to hospital twice
  • Hit 2 cars
  • Drawn blood 6 times
  • Buckled 2 wheels
  • Risen before daybreak¬†36 times
  • Been to 82 spin classes

But also…

  • Had innumerbale laughs
  • Enjoyed ourselves immensely
  • Would do it all over again any day of the week for our buddy Luke


One thought on “Our training stats

  1. To Luke and the rest of the gang – you are all crazy (but I’m sure you don’t need me to point this out)!
    I hope you have lots of laughs and adventures in between the hills and dales – lots of luck, lots of love
    and we’ll be thinking of you. Sarah and George x

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