London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Day 2 (and an apology for lack of Day 1): – Calais to Lille


First and foremost – we want to apologise for a lack of an update yesterday. Not that we’re making an excuse, but we arrived to such premier accommodation and found Calais to be such a gloriously beautiful place that time just ran away. We might have shared a beer also.

What we learnt from Day 1 was that we never want to do London to Folkestone again. Imagine a tame autobahn with no traffic lights and a Holiday Inn at the end. Yeah nice, and with little else to report.

BUT, Day 2 on the other hand. We always to want to cycle in Northern France. Flat, smooth roads, tree-lined vistas, perfectly ploughed fields and picture perfect towns in which to enjoy a cheeky espresso.

Not that the day has just been just about cycling: Gabes doesn’t know what sun tan lotion is, Tim managed to crash into JH despite being at a virtual standstill, JP escaped ANY abuse regardless of the fact he looked like a fairy all day, we haven’t been attacked even though we’re staying somewhere that looks like a detention camp, Greigy drank four large bottles of Orangina in under two hours and has consumed 4GB of data calling his girlfriend, Luke hasn’t cried (yet), JH hasn’t got angry and Edd only gave us three attempts at parting his historical knowledge of the local battlefields.

We’re just back from a a couple of crepes and a digestif and wanted to provide you with an update of our adventure so far. We reckon these pics sum it so far:

photo (12)
photo (11)


Team HBR


2 thoughts on “Day 2 (and an apology for lack of Day 1): – Calais to Lille

  1. Absolutely brilliant reading about first few days. Love the pics

  2. Great team! We’re waiting for you all in Varese!!!!!!!!!!

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