London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Day 3: Lille to Brussels

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Safe to say that the team muscles are now in Brussels – a little sore, but here safe and sound, sitting in an artists studio with seven mattresses on the floor for beds. We have hit the pinnacle of luxurious travelling – how can it get better?

Brussels Selfie

Despite the relative short distance between Lille and Brussels, and Belgium seeming to be a nation determined to minimise any interest tourists might have in it, we still feel it has offered an entertaining day.

To kick things off we had an irate Luke, teary-eyed that he’d lost his wallet and adamant he hadn’t packed it in his bag. Lo and behold, an hour later and after ransacking the hostels (dirty) laundry bags, it turned up in his bag. Panic over, we hit the road – and found ourselves looking at a dirt track within 7 miles of leaving.

Cue a dramatic change of course that lead us to come across endless flat roads, steady hills with eternal and gruelling up downs, abandoned villages (where the hell are all the Belgians?), beautiful twins (in Edd’s opinion) serving sublime biscotti, an angry JH (finally), bovine selfies, chevalian selfies, angry belgian drivers, making an even angrier JP.

Imagine how we felt upon realising we had another 15 miles to go, all mentally prepared for a casual two mile cruise into Brussels. Our faces when we arrived said it all. As you can see, Tim remained relaxed the whole time.

Bovine Selfie

We make it sound bad though, and looking back it was a remarkable day topped off with the best meal thus far. In fact I’m basically snoozing as I write this.

AEJ Collins

Oh and Will and Will found AEJ Collins in Ypres; Menin Gate. For those not in the know – he scored the highest single innings ever recorded in cricket. A casual 628 not out. Lad.

Until tomorrow gang.

Much love,

Team HBR xxx

One thought on “Day 3: Lille to Brussels

  1. Well done boys… when the going gets tough…well you know the rest. Don’t worry Luke I lose my wallet, car keys, phone, glasses etc. on a daily basis – they usually turn up! Keep peddling and keep blogging. JP’s rents.

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