London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Day 4: Brussels to Durbuy

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Day 4 saw us saying goodbye to Brussels (without a huge amount of reluctance) and hello to Southern Belgium, which we now know is confusingly named “Luxembourg”, specifically a town named “Durbuy”.

Fortunately, we had the beautiful scenery to keep our eyes pleased (and the drivers apparently had “one of the most attractive barmaids they have ever seen”). Notable features of the day include the fact that we happened to be on the “Route du Fromage”, the absence of any ability of Belgian drivers to use a roundabout properly (we genuinely saw somebody drive straight through the middle), the outdoor laundrette at the Carrefour in Durbuy (it did the job, but outdoors, really?), the fact the Belgium is so boring we managed to ride in total silence for almost an hour, the unimaginable pain of sustained riding on cobbled roads, and, finally, having our own house for the night (which we managed to heat to a not so cool 30 degrees, why not?)

Tomorrow, we’ll be off to actual Luxembourg, fuelled by Mathias and Greigy’s decadent carbonara.

We’ll leave you with a quick video of today, and a piece of advice: If you’re in Belgium, bring something to do.

Yours sincerely,


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