London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Day 5: Sayonara Belgium, Hola Luxembourg

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Greetings from Luxembourg City!

The day started well with a routine trip to the local boulangerie. 7 men, 10 baguettes and 10 pastries. Nothing remained.

Shortly on our bikes, full of optimism for the day ahead, we were quickly derailed by the Belgian’s inability to properly implement a well-organised traffic diversion. So we optimistically set off in totally the wrong direction.

Five years later and we were back on the beaten track, climbing endless and punishing hills, observing non-plussed cows, laughing at poor Belgian driving and asking when lunch would be every five seconds.

THEN we arrived in Luxembourg.


Our favourite place so far. It might be a fraction the size, but it offers a great deal more than its predecessor. Although a round of beers in the city will cost you about a month’s wages.

Sadly, one of the Wills had to depart on business. He had to interview someone who had recently achieved an AQA pass grade in Powerpoint Presentation skills. We miss him already and thank him for his support and good humour up until now.

We’ll leave you there for the night. Tim managed to ruin his gears and his inability to repair them demands an unwelcome early start. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next stage onto Chateau Salins. Better be as nice as it sounds.


Much love,

HbR xxx

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