London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Day 6: Une journee d’histoire

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History was the theme of the day for our 6th outing of the trip. Step aside Starky, we’re here and reckon we’d look better in tweed jackets with elbow patches.

Sad to leave Luxembourg and the city behind, but excited for a fresh adventure ahead, we soon found ourselves back in France with its glorious nuclear power plants in the distance and here it began.


First up, a lazy meander down into Rodemack, a beautiful medieval town with a classic American twist. Ancient ramparts minus two original towers, blown up to make way for tanks. “At least they liberated the town at the same time” is what we guess the locals were saying. Still, it was perfect for a photo-opp and our elevenses.

photo 3

Next up, a classic Edd and Luke GPS detour into a French militarised zone, through a forest. What should we stumble upon? No less than the Maginot Line, hidden in the woods. Hill turrets, eerie silence, and no sign of an actual road in the direction we wanted to go. Perfect setting for a nazi-zombie horror movie…

photo 2

2 miles of dirt track and a field or two later and we were back on the open road, making good with our legs along the country lanes and eating up lost time. That is until Tim had yet another mechanical failure and managed to snap his chain. But we’re pros now and had that cleared up in a flick of a tool.

So a few setbacks but we arrived to a great, if slightly creepy, village B&B. It’s a house full of dolls. Hopefully we’ll be alive in the morning to set off on our longest day yet!

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Day 6: Une journee d’histoire

  1. Loving the blog! I also think that creepy B&B applied to Sawday’s when I was working there…Good luck guys, sounds like you’re having a blast xx

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