London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

The Finishing Line

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First and foremost, apologies for the 48 hours of radio silence, we have been busy getting to the finish line and getting some R&R.

We made it!

We left beautiful Lugano yesterday morning accompanied by various locals, including the local Avis cycling club and none other than Olympic and World road race champion Nicole Cooke.
Bl_LGBfIcAAlw7o.jpg-large Bathed in glorious Italian sunshine, it was a fairly short and easy ride to Varese, made even easier by the accompanying police outriders who ensured that the roads were cleared in front of us and that red lights were just something for other people to worry about.

The first stop was the Mayor’s residence, where we were greeted by the Mayor, local press and various supporters.
thb.aspx After lots of photos and a fantastic impromptu speech from Luke after he was put on the spot, we put in the final, very short leg to Ospedale di Circolo, where we were greeted by more supporters, family and friends, the fantastic medical staff that looked after Luke and patients currently being treated by the haematology unit.
tmax600x480_46727961_IMG_1739 After many more photos, some spraying of bubbly and a badly needed lunch provided by the hospital, we made our way back to Luke’s parents home where beer and lasagne were provided aplenty.
10299546_10152784603344502_5817434256284427621_n We will provide you with our reflections shortly once we’ve had a chance to reflect and tot up the total amount raised (for now, it is far more than the target we had set ourselves!). For now, we’d just like to thank all of the many people who have supported us, the list is long and we have so much to be thankful for. We couldn’t have done it by ourselves.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!



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