London to Varese

800 Miles from London to Varese for Luke and Leukaemia

Why are we riding?

In February 2012, I (Luke) was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. I was told in order to have a complete cure I would need a stem cell/bone marrow transplant. I completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy and in July 2012, after another horrible session of chemotherapy and full body radiotherapy, my twin sister donated 6,000,000 stem cells which grafted 9 days later. I gradually became stronger and stronger and then one year later in July 2013 I was told I was still in full remission.

During my first cycle of chemo, I unfortunately had a number of complications due to the side effects and was bed bound for a couple of weeks. One day I woke to find my mum and sister looking rather pleased with themselves, I asked what was going on but with a twinkle in their eyes they would not say. Without any warning, I found myself face to face with old friends from Clifton college, they had flown out to visit me for 48 hours.

During their visit, I was only allowed one visitor at a time and so when they weren’t in the room with me the guys would have to wait in what was called the family room. It was supposed to be a comfortable room with a TV, a DVD player and some comfy sofa’s where family and friends could go and relax. Unfortunately this was not the case, a couple of well used medical looking chairs and a broken television was all that the room could offer.

When I returned to England, Jp explained that he and the others wanted to improve the family room and raise some money for a leukaemia charity. The idea would be to travel from London Kings College Hospital, where I am currently being observed to Varese hospital in Italy, where I had my first 3 cycles of chemo and where the guys visited me.

Words cannot describe the support the ‘Handsome But Rowdy Team’ has given me and I hope this journey will be able to offer some comfort to the families going through the same ordeal that my family and friends have been through.

This video is from 1 year ago when I had completed the ‘100’ days intense observation. And the first part of the video shows a number of clips of the family room that we want to improve.

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